Friday, 15 January 2016

Finding the right Locksmith

Local Locksmiths

Finding the right locksmith 

Finding the right locksmith can often be difficult. With many local locksmiths not being accredited it can often be hard to ensure the locksmith you choose is correctly trained and insured to carry out the job professionally. However when searching for a local locksmith there are a few things you can look for to be confident the engineer you choose will do the job correctly.


Trained and accredited 

There are many providers of locksmith training across the UK. You should choose a locksmith that has been adequately trained; this will leave you confident they are able to do the job correctly. Currently the highest available level of training is a level 4 provided by the NCFE.

CRB checked 

If the locksmith you choose has been CRB or DBS checked this means that the locksmith has undergone satisfactory checks on his or hers criminal record to enable him to work with vulnerable children or adults.

Check their reviews and customer testimonials

It’s always useful to check your locksmiths website to find customer testimonials of their previous work. Customers will often leave good or bad feedback regarding their experience with tradesman, this gives you a good idea of their workmanship standards. You can also use sites such as Trust Pilot to see other customer’s experiences.

Use recognised directories to find your workman

There are many places to search and find locksmiths and tradesman online, however if you are using a directory site try to use well known and frequently used directories like and the Thomson Local.

Look for ID

If you are concerned about your locksmith or trusting a stranger in your home always ask your engineer to present identification to certify they are who they say they are. Many larger locksmith firms will require there engineers to carry photo identification cards.

Using Keytek Locksmiths

When using one of Keytek Locksmiths local locksmiths you can be assured that each engineer is a fully accredited locksmith to serve your area. All of our locksmiths have undergone CRB checks and carry the correct identification to certify they are a member of the Keytek Locksmiths network. If you are considering calling a locksmith you can also read our reviews to see what our customers have to say about us on our Trust Pilot profile.

Thursday, 31 December 2015

Home Security Must Have’s For 2016

Apple home kit

We use our iPhones everyday and with Apple homekit you can securely control your home from the palm of your hand. Homekit works through apps to control various home products, you can control lighting, locks, heating and cooling, plugs and switches and even home blinds. Each home product can be set manually or put on timers for if you would like your bathroom heater to turn on at 5.00am or lights to switch on from motion sensors.

Netatmo Welcome

Netatmo protects your family in a new innovative way. Welcome is a home security system from Netatmo that uses facial recognition to detect family members as they pass by, Netatmo then sends the names of people detected loved ones or strangers directly to your smart phone. Welcome is exceptionally easy to set up place the camera indoors facing your entrance, plug it in an download the app and Netatmo is ready to go.

Nest Meet

Nest cam is a clean 1800p HD home security camera designed to watch out for your family when you can’t. Use net cam as a baby monitor, pet cam or to keep an eye on your property and stream 1080p video straight to your smart phone or laptop. Nest cam will also send you alerts to phone if it notices any activity when you’re not watching your video feed.

Ulo surveillance

Ulo is a cute surveillance camera that interacts with you though eye expressions, Ulo creates a unique bond like no other device and truly connects with its user. Ulo communicates through eye expressions and the mobile app enables you to customize eye colour, shape and size to match the interior of your home. No logo’s are displayed on Ulo, eye expressions let you know what Ulo is thinking. For instance if Ulo’s battery is low its eyes squint, Ulo will blinks if a snap shot is being taken and its eyes follow your movements and squint if someone is watching live video. Once your Smartphone leaves the wifi network every moment will be recorded in an animated gif. Infrared also enables Ulo to see perfectly in darkness and can talk by customizable sounds . Ulo is the first in the next generation of interactive Smart devices.

Invoxia Triby

Invoxia is a revolutionary speaker that acts as the hub of the family through music and communication. Triby is a speaker that connects the whole of your family at the touch of button. Play music, send doodles to your children to say your be home or make phones calls from Triby even if you are busy by using its 15 ft hands-free option or play music throughout the home.

ADT Pulse

ADT Pulse is ADT’s answer to a smart home. From almost anywhere you can arm or disarm your security system and control your lighting, climate control and video using ADT Pulse. Control all aspects of the home security form Z-Wave ADT’s command centre from any web enabled computer.

Friday, 18 December 2015

Christmas Security Hints and Tips

Christmas is upon us and as we all patiently wait to see what presents lie under the Christmas tree unfortunately so are many potential intruders, looking to take advantage of the busy social schedules and expensive items on show in homes all across the country.

Research shows that burglars do take a day off on Christmas Day however during the winter months statistics reflect that thefts increase by a massive 20%! Unfortunately, it’s not just homes that are targeted, many fraudsters attack on-line to take advantage of the surge in on-line shopping during December. Christmas is a time to enjoy ourselves, spending time with much loved family and friends, along with all the festive activities we attend around this special time of year. We have put together some helpful hints and tips below to help keep your home and Christmas gifts safe ready to be received on Christmas Day.

1. Christmas Gifts
Try to keep any expensive items out of view of windows and passersby on the street. It’s best to hold off until Christmas Eve on placing any items under the tree. Following the excitement and unwrapping our Christmas gifts we are all left with the vast amount of packaging and boxes that these items come in, whilst we will be quick to get these outside and into the bin it is worth bearing in mind that these can act as adverts to potential intruders, letting them know what valuable items lie inside your home, it is best to set the boxes aside and take these out on the morning the bins are due for collection, or taking them directly to your local dump.


2. Lock all Windows and Doors
During the frantic rush of Christmas we are often in and out of our homes in a hurry trying to get things in order for the holiday which can sometimes mean we become forgetful. Try to stay aware and ensure when leaving your home that all of your windows and doors are closed and locked securely. Pause for a moment, check and check again!

3. Home security
If you don't already have security cameras, it’s a great idea to install some form of home security system. Many potential intruders are opportunists and may take advantage of a target if it arises, a home security system is a fantastic way to deter burglars and keep an eye on your property if you are away.

4. Out shopping
Be alert and aware when out shopping especially in overcrowded busy city and town centres. Try not to have expensive jewellery on show and ensure your purse or wallet are hidden from view. If your’re shopping with lots of bags full of gifts try and stay alert for approaching strangers, many potential thieves may be looking for easy targets to pick pocket.

5. Christmas Shopping
Don't leave presents or valuables on view in your car. If you’re out shopping and have too many bags to carry it’s easy to quickly nip back to the car to drop these off and continue shopping without a second thought. With this in mind, always park your car in well lit, visible areas ideally in a car park with security cameras or guards where your vehicle will be on show, clearly visible and less likely to be targeted by thieves.


6. Buying online
If you’re shopping online it’s good to do your research, if something looks too good to be true it quite often is. Many online criminals will try to take advantage of Christmas shoppers with fly-by websites looking to take customers banking details. Always double check the product and look for websites that offer secure payment like paying with Paypal.
Be mindful when using social media promotions to buy products, a lot of social posts may be unverified and promoted from an unknown website and can use shortened url's to disguise this. If you are looking through social media for deals be sure to use official pages - these will often be verified by a blue tick and have a direct link to the company's website or other social media channels.

7. Social Media
Whilst we can all be swept up in the excitement for the much anticipated Christmas party or perhaps that holiday away over the festive period it is worth keeping in mind that putting these details across social media will advertise that your property will be unoccupied for a certain period and not everyone reading those details will be wishing you a Merry Christmas and to enjoy your time away.


Thursday, 19 November 2015


To mark the launch of the new James Bond Film Spectre, we decided to cover some of the latest security and home gadgets which could rival some of Q’s quirky inventions.

James Bond Style Biometric Security Scanners

Security at airports can be more than a little tedious and time consuming. In a bid to speed up check in times at airports, recognition software will soon be introduced! – used to determine shifty behaviour even James Bond couldn’t hide from. By scanning body language and even facial expressions!

Floor Plan light Switches.

Keeping a light switched on when you’re out is always a great security deterrent. Taewon Hwang have created a fantastic idea of a master light switch panel that incorporates a simple design to tell you what lights are on and off. Never again waste electricity on lights that are turned on or leave your home without keeping a light on for security.

Netatmo ‘Welcome’

Netatmo is at the cutting edge of home security with its home security camera with James Bond style facial recognition. The futuristic home security system recognises family members as they pass in front of the camera through its facial recognition technology. ‘Welcome’ sends the names of the people it sees straight to your Smartphone. It also alerts you when it sees a stranger.

First Alert Wifi Safe

The Wi-Fi safe from First Alert is Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled, allowing the safe to be locked and unlocked directly from your phone – just like James Bonds watch!


Wemo lets you add Wi-Fi to almost anything. Control and set timers to turn things on and off. You can program sprinklers to stay off if rain is forecast or flip on lights with an SMS. Wemo can be synced to almost any electrical appliance and customized for your own personal preferences.

Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Rental Property Security

Are you looking to move into a rented property? We at Keytek™ have put together some handy hints and tips to help make your time in rental property hassle free!

  • Have you checked the property over to make sure that all of the doors and windows have sufficient locks? Check the standards of the locks; firstly look out for a Kitemark, many insurance policies will stipulate that locks must be British Standard.
  • Has your landlord changed the locks since the previous tenant/s have moved out? You never know who could still have a key!
  • Is your deposit protected by a scheme? From 2007 it is a requirement for private landlords and letting agents to use a government approved tenancy deposit scheme*
  • Have you read the tenancy agreement a few times and are you sure that you understand the small print? Does it include bills? Can you have pets? Guests?*
  • Check the inventory thoroughly! At the end of your tenancy you wouldn’t want to be liable for damage that you didn’t cause.
  • Before making any changes or improvements to the property, remember to obtain the landlord or letting agent’s permission – this includes changing the locks!
  • If you’re thinking of installing an alarm system, easy fit domestic alarms are a great option if you are renting as they can be installed easily and can be moved easily from property to property – you can get one here!
  • If you’re moving to a new area talk with your neighbours and introduce yourself. It’s always good to know people nearby in case anything is happening in the area.
  • UV mark your items, if you did have the unfortunate event of a break in, your property can be identified as yours.

Monday, 21 September 2015

University Security Advice!

Now that September is here, are you or is someone close to you leaving home to go to University??

Whether you’re getting packed and ready to go, or are all ready moved in and preparing for lectures, have you given any thought to the security of your new student house or halls of residence?

The National Union of Students has the following questions to ask yourself about your student accommodation!

Does the house seem secure from the outside?
Think about how you would get in if you lost your keys, if it’s easy for you then think how easy it is for a potential intruder.

Does the property have an alarm?
If not, could you/the landlord install one? Alarms act as an excellent form of deterrent, with research showing 84% of imprisoned burglars would avoid a home with a working alarm.

Does the front/back door look solid and secure?
Typically, burglars spend just sixty seconds breaking into a home and that’s not surprising considering how easy it often is. In 73% of cases they gained entry via a door, and in 3% of these cases the door was left open. Ideally doors should be secured using a mortice lock and / or nightlatch that meets British Standard BS3621.

Are the windows secure?
Check to see if all the windows are fitted with secure locks and that the handles are in good working order, particularly on the ground floor.

Is there adequate outside lighting?
Ask yourself would you feel secure entering your house at any time of day. It’s important to feel safe and secure so you can enjoy your time at university.

According to the National Union of Students, the average break in costs students around £900 to replace belongings and repair any damage.

With this in mind they have provided some fantastic crime prevention tips for your time at University:

Don’t give burglars an open invitation 
Opportunist thieves often target student halls and houses, as bedroom and flat doors are often left unlocked or ajar, making it a quick in-and-out job for a burglar. Avoid any unwanted visitors making their way into your home by remembering to close and lock all doors and windows whenever you’re not in – even if you’re only popping out for five minutes.
Another tip is to avoid leaving notes on your door saying you’re away or ‘back soon’ – instead tell your friends face-to-face so they can act as an unofficial student watch while you’re out

Protect your valuables
Computers, cash, electrical goods and jewellery are among the most commonly stolen items in domestic burglaries and, as a result of the nation’s love for gadgets, the average cost of a burglary has risen by 40 per cent over the last three years. However, 21 per cent of people say they never hide valuables when leaving the house, with 37 per cent leaving portable gadgets such as e-books or tablets easily accessible.
To protect smaller valuable items and reduce the risk of fraud, use a home safe. This can be used for items such as jewellery, small electronic gadgets and important documents. The safe should be bolted securely to a floor or wall so it can’t be stolen but remember to check with your landlord before making any alterations to your property.

Cycling to lectures?
Bikes are an ideal way to get around campus or student towns. They are convenient and great exercise but, unfortunately, thieves like them too. To keep your bike safe and secure it’s advisable to invest in a sturdy bike lock. For maximum protection, use two different locks simultaneously (a D-lock and robust chain and padlock is ideal).

Hitting the town
Personal safety also needs to be high on the agenda. After evenings out sampling the local nightlife try to travel home with friends or in a reputable, licensed taxi – remember, there is safety in numbers! If you do walk home, try to stick to main roads and avoid poorly lit areas – especially dodgy looking shortcuts and dingy alleyways. For additional security and peace of mind it’s also a good idea to carry a personal attack alarm.

Social security
In this age of social media, many of us are used to posting all manner of details online without a second thought. ‘Checking in’ at places online can alert burglars to the fact you are not at home, and posting images of new and expensive items can also be risky.
In any other capacity you wouldn’t dream of alerting a burglar to the fact your house is empty and you certainly wouldn’t tell them that you have a brand new laptop sat in your bedroom. Be careful about what you are sharing online and check your settings to ensure that you are only sharing status updates with people you know and trust.

By remembering these great hints and tips, you can relax and enjoy your time at University, knowing you have done all that you can to stay secure!

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Do your locks meet your insurance requirements?

You should always check your home insurance to see what the minimum security requirements are however, most insurance companies will specify that your property must be fitted with British Standard locks on your doors and windows.

If your locks do not meet your insurance requirements and you are unfortunate enough to experience a burglary, your insurance could then be invalid and your claim may be refused.

British Standard locks
For a lock to be classed as ‘British Standard’ minimum standards must be met - this is done through rigorous testing including strength, durability and security.  A higher quality lock such as a British Standard can act as deterrent for burglars as it is a lot harder to gain entry through, so all the more reason to upgrade your locks if they are not already British Standard.
To read more about British Standard locks follow this link

How to check yourself!
Checking to see if a lock is British Standard can be simple - all you have to do is look out for the Kitemark shown below, which should be on any lock that is British Standard.


Do your locks measure up?
If not don’t worry, our trained and skilled locksmiths are more than happy to help and to upgrade your locks.  Call 0800 0345 0451 now to book in an appointment with us!