Wednesday, 16 October 2013

One third of all recorded burglaries are against businesses

Did you know that one third of all recorded burglaries in all London Boroughs are against businesses (

In the UK alone there were around 214,000 incidents of burglary, including attempts, against businesses; these incidents were across four sectors, which included wholesale and retail, manufacturing, transportation and storage and accommodation and food. In terms of what items were stolen in 38% of cases it was reported that goods and stock were the most common.  

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The most common way in which entry was gained by a burglar was through either a wooden or glass door – 36% of businesses, therefore it is very important to maintain and upgrade your office security, especially on a regular basis. The security of any office can be maintained through a 24 hour locksmith, all a business has to do is sign up as a Commercial Business Account to a National Locksmithswho will be able to fulfill all of your business security needs.   

Many locksmiths will recommend a Master Key Suite for offices who wish to restrict the access of certain areas of the office i.e. stopping a customer or client from accessing certain areas of the office such as the Managing Directors office; therefore only authorised staff members with keys will be able to access certain areas. Companies such as Avocet are able to offer a Zone Control ABS Master Key Suiting, the supplier are then able to fully manage both the key registering and cutting for the client – therefore providing and ensuring maximum security. See info graphic below for more information.

National Locksmiths Keytek Master Key Suiting for Commercial Businesses

As well as providing locksmith services to domestic customer, Keytek™ also provide a range of locksmith services for commercial/business customers. As a national company ourselves we are able to offer full ‘Nationwide’ coverage to all of our customers, these locksmith services include a number of benefits that other companies do not incorporate into their operations. Currently we service a large portfolio of National companies; these include Ministry of Defence, Lidl, Safestore and Debenhams.

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All statistics provided in this blog post are from the Home Office (2012).


  1. Good thing about the ABS is nobody can just nip to the cobblers and duplicate the key

  2. I do agree with you because most of the businesses are targeted by burglars. There are many security systems available that are offered by many Professional locksmith services providers like the one discussed by ABS. Such system protect the offices and houses from being the victim of any robbery.