Thursday, 3 July 2014

Beach Security Tips

Keep your valuables safe on the beach!

Keep your valuables safe on the beach with our Beach Security TipsWhether you are sunning yourself on the beach in the UK or abroad it is important to make sure your belongings are secure!

Thefts at beaches, often referred to as ‘beach blanket thefts’ or ‘blanket thefts’, usually increase during the summer holidays where people are more likely to leave their wallets, mobile phones, cameras or other valuables on the beach while they take a dip in the sea. The majority of people will hide valuables under a towel which they may presume is secure but unfortunately within minutes of leaving their valuables they are often gone. 

One of the most obvious solutions to prevent beach thefts is to go to the beach with at least one other person so that someone can keep an eye on any valuables whilst the other is enjoying the sea. Although this is a logical solution it is not always the most practical or fun ways to ensure your valuables are secure.

  • Take only what you need to take! If you don’t need to take your phone or wallet then don’t take them. The fewer valuables the less you will have to worry that they are secure.

  • Plan ahead. Pack a security product that has been designed for the beach... There are a number of products that have been developed to prevent beach thefts.

They include the following products:
Use the Tan Safe Beach Safe to keep your valuables safe on the beach!

Tan Safe – This has been developed to work as a ‘stealth safe’ as it looks like an ordinary bottle of suntan lotion but secretly it holds valuables such as mobile phones, credit cards, keys and cash. This product also has a watertight seal that will protect it from being damaged by water or sand.

Beach Vault – An entrepreneur has recently invented a unique locker that can screw into the sand and holds valuables such as purses, mobile phones, small tablets and money. The gadget is closed by a waterproof lid. Although an innovative idea there is nothing to stop a thief from taking the whole thing.

Portable Compact Safe – Sentry have designed a portable compact safe that is ideal for use on the beach or by the pool as it can be attached to a lounger or parasol via a security cable.

  • You don’t need to spend money on security products for the beach, you can use items found around the house such as nappies, a deodorant stick (do not use any type of deodorant can) and Pringle pots to make your own ‘beach safe’. Let’s just face it no one is going to go through a nappy that could be dirty to look for valuables. YouTube channel ‘NoClueHowTo’ demonstrates how a deodorant bottle can be used to keep your valuables safe at the beach.

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  1. I have never heard about this beach vault, but I would love to get one. I'm sure that it would be so useful while I'm out surfing. I go to the beach almost every week during the summer, and I always worry about my keys. I usually just stick them in my shoe.