Monday, 23 December 2013

Tip 11 of The 12 Security Tips of Christmas

The eleventh tip of our ‘The 12 Security Tips of Christmas’...
“Check the locks on any gates or sheds and upgrade/replace if necessary. Make sure anything that can be used by a burglar to gain entry to your property i.e. garden tools is safely locked away.” 

Keytek Locksmiths The 12 Security Tips of Christmas garden shed security

As part of Hertfordshire Constabulary’s ‘The Top Five Operation Guardian Tips’ they recommend securing your garden by shutting and locking any gates and making sure you lock away any garden tools as these can be used by burglars to break in. 

For more information on the security of ‘your garden and outside the home’ see Hertfordshire Constabulary’s advice here

Watch our outhouse/shed security tips below...

In 2012 the Guardian even reported that thefts in garden furniture and accessories had soared as the value of what we buy for the garden has increased, a survey by showed that the average value of a British garden’s contents was £825, this included garden tools, lawnmowers, patio furniture and barbecues.  All of these items are easy pickings for an opportunistic burglar, so lock them away!

For more security tips watch our complete security tips video below...

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