Thursday, 5 December 2013

Tip 2 of The 12 Security Tips of Christmas...

Over the next few weeks in the lead up to the Christmas Holidays we will be sharing security tips every other day for your peace of mind. The second tip from our ‘The 12 Security Tips of Christmas’...

    "We always recommend that it’s a good idea to leave a light on or on a timer, especially during the Holiday season when you’re more likely to be out Christmas shopping or attending a party! Leaving a television or radio on is also a good alternative to leaving the lights on."

As the Holidays approach the majority of us will be frequently out of the house for long periods of time whether that is due to attending an office party or just simply doing the Christmas shopping. In order to deter a burglar from breaking into your home it is regularly advised that if you are planning on returning when it is most likely to be dark, “lighting up your home is a useful deterrent of burglary” (Metropolitan Police). 

Keytek 24 hour locksmiths tip 2 of The 12 Security Tips of Christmas

Burglar Deterrent sell a fantastic product called the 'Dusk to Dawn Light Bulb Attachment', all you have to do is place one of these on your light fittings and your lights will come on automatically at dusk and turn off at the selected number of hours. The 'Dusk to Dawn Light Bulb Attachment' can be purchased at the following link

WikiHow’s steps on ‘How to Prevent Residential Burglary’ not only advise to install timed lights but also recommend leaving a radio or television on. If you don't want to leave the TV or Radio on another great burglar deterrent product is 'Fake TV' which literally makes it look like someone is at home watching TV. 

Although it is an American product 'Fake TV' can now be purchased in the UK at the following link

Watch 'Fake TV'  in action below...


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