Monday, 4 May 2015

Protect your home from being hacked

Protect your home from being hacked Over the last few years technology has advanced to encompass applications that allow you to control every aspect of your home including the security such as the locks on your doors and windows, making homes literally smarter. Whilst this Smart Home technology may give you more control of your home in one simple application or device, it can also give hackers the key to your home and personal life.

Protect your home and your devices from being hacked with these handy tips:

1. Secure your WiFi

When you have your WiFi installed by your provider it is advisable to change the default login name and passwords and turn on WPA or WPA2 encryption (if you haven’t already done so it is worth doing this now). Instructions for your router may vary; so visit the manufacturer’s website to find out how.

2. Ensure the firmware for your router is up to date

Again this varies according to the make and model of your router. The manufacturer’s website will have information on the best practice for updating any firmware; some may even allow you to set an automatic update.

3. Register your new router

Register your router with the manufacturer, either online or via post so that you will be notified when a security update is available.

4. Install antivirus software

Any PCs, Macs, tablets or smart phones in your home should be protected using antivirus software. Some providers offer a multi-device package such as Norton’s ‘360 Multi-Device’ that will protect all the gadgets in your home.    

Although malware that targets smart phones and tablets is rare, it is still worth ensuring that you are protected if the worse was to happen. Browse through the top iPhone security apps or alternatively browse the top Android security apps to find one that suits your device.

Make sure that any antivirus software you do install is up to date.

5. Use strong passwords

The majority of devices can only be protected through a password which is why it is important to ensure that the one you are using is strong and secure.

Learn how to create a strong password with Google...

6. Secure the security inside your home

Whilst it is still very important to protect your online security it is also just as important to think beyond the internet and think about how you can protect your home. Cameras are a great way to protect your home but if they are operated via your WiFi or through an IP address it is definitely worth taking the above steps to ensure they are secure. By not ensuring these are secure you could be allowing a burglar to use your own security equipment to spy on you.

Remember any technology you use to secure your home can be hacked so make sure you take the necessary steps for not only your home security but also your peace of mind.

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