Monday, 8 June 2015

Avoiding a repeat burglary

Did you know that one in four burglary victims have had their home targeted again after the burglary occurred (Victim Support)?

Avoid being a victim of repeat burglary

Unfortunately as figures suggest if you were to be burgled a second time it is likely to be by the same person as they will often believe if they didn’t get caught the first time they won’t get caught the second time therefore your home is more likely to be targeted again. He or she already knows the layout of your home and will most likely wait until you have replaced any stolen items.

If you have already been a victim of burglary, you should take action to prevent it from happening again...

1. Review the security of your home

Take a look round and use the Home Security checklist which you can download here to review the security of your home. Alternatively call a local locksmith on 0800 035 0451 to book in a home security and insurance compliance check.

2. Replace all damaged locks

Make sure any locks on doors or windows that were damaged as a result of the first burglary are replaced by a locksmith. This will also be the best opportunity for you to upgrade your locks to ones that will help to protect your home should a burglar strike again such as the ABS High Security Euro Cylinder. The ABS High Security Euro Cylinder is designed to prevent a burglar from using the snapping method to gain entry on an uPVC or double glazed door.
3. Fit lights with motion sensors

Have motion sensing lights fitted to the outside of your home so that the exterior of your home and garden is well lit. This will act as a great burglary deterrent as they are often more confident in the dark.

4. Fit an alarm system

Yale has designed a range of alarms called the ‘Easy Fit Range’ which will allow you to easily install a DIY home alarm system. Each product in the range harnesses pre-programmed wirefree technology and comes with Velcro strips so you don’t have to drill into your wall.  The range is available in four different kits, alongside a range of accessories so that you can tailor your alarm system in order to suit the security of your home.

5. Join your local Neighbourhood Watch scheme

You can find your local Neighbourhood Watch by visiting

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