Monday, 22 June 2015

How to turn your old smart phone into a home security camera

The majority of us will have some sort of unused smart phone lying around our house, there are many different ways you can utilise your old smart phone so that it doesn’t remain unused. One way to ‘recycle’ your old smart phone is relatively easy and can bring you peace of mind when you are away from home is to turn into a home security camera.

Below are the different methods for turning an Android or iOS smart phone into a home security camera...

How to turn your old Android phone into a home security camera

1. Download the Home Security IPCamera App (Free) from the Google Play Store 

Home Security IP Camera App2. Follow the installation instructions on the Home Security IPCamera App 

3. Login to Trackview using the Home Security IPCamera App, you can login using your existing Gmail account user name and password. 

4. Set up your smart phone anywhere in your home you wish to monitor. Using the Home Security IP Camera App you can monitor, track or buzz using the smart phone you carry with you every day. You can also check the alert messages, record and playback your clips.

5. The Home Security IPCamera App allows you to use more than one device so if you have more than one unused smart phone lying around, you could use the steps above to set it up as an additional home security camera (just make sure you use the same login for all the devices you wish to use). 

Manything AppHow to turn your old iPhone into a home security camera

1. Download the Manything App (Free) from the App Store 

2. Follow the installation instructions on the Manything App

3. Register your device

4. Press record

5. Login into to watch live, playback to any point in time and to create and share your clips from your desktop computer or the iPhone you use every day.

6. The Manything App also allows you to connect to connect to any smarthome features you may have installed your home via the IFTTT channel.

Use the Manything App to keep an eye on your home

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