Monday, 1 June 2015

Garden Home Security

Keep your garden and home secure by taking these simple home security steps...

Follow these tips on garden home security1. Keep your garden tidy

Keeping your front garden tidy and secure could help to prevent a break-in. Generally a tidier garden will deter an intruder from even trying to break-in your home as it gives the impression your home may be more secure and harder to break into where as an untidy garden could give the opposite impression.

2. Trim your hedges

Trim back any hedges and make sure the front of your house is clearly visible from the road as a burglar will be more confident if they cannot be seen by your neighbours or any passersby. Gates, fencing, walls or hedges shouldn’t be more than 1 metre high.

3. Use gravel pathways

Using gravel for pathways will be impossible for an intruder to walk on it without making a sound and will help to alert you to their presence.

4. Fit lights with motion sensors

Have motion sensing lights fitted to the outside of your home. This will act as a great burglary deterrent as they are often more confident in the dark.

5. Make sure your shed or garage are secure

Garden sheds and garages are often an easy target for a burglar as they are often over looked in terms of security. The contents of a shed can add up to hundreds of pounds especially if you are using it to store valuables such as lawn mowers, strimmers, tools and bicycles. Therefore it is definitely worth investing in additional security for your shed or garage.

  • Where appropriate fit additional security such as a padlock, padbolts, hasp and staple.
  • A wireless alarm can also be fitted, although this won’t be connected to your home’s burglar alarm system the siren will alert you and the neighbourhood when a burglar has tried to break-in.
  • Where there are windows fit curtains so a burglar cannot see the contents of your garage or shed.

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